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Desk Chairs


  • New: British manufactured in a choice of colours and fabrics with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Can be customised with additional pump up lumbar, pressure relieving foam, fixed and adjustable arms
  • Recycled: Large stock of assorted colours, both with and without arms

Operator - Urban

  • Gas height adjustment
  • Back rake adjustment
  • Standard sized seatback and base

Operator - Cyber

  • Gas height adjustment
  • Back rake adjustment
  • Extra large size seatback and base

Operator - Draughtsman

  • Both the Urban and Cyber are available with an extended gas stem for working at higher stations

Operator - Urban S

  • Gas height adjustment
  • Back rake adjustment
  • Fan back with standard sized seat base

Operator - Height Adjust Arms

Operator - Fixed Arms

Operator - Foldable Arms 1

Operator - Foldable Arms 2

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